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PEACE Board Launches 2017 PLEDGE FOR PEACE Campaign

Beginning in May 2017, through to the end of the calendar year, the PEACE Board of Directors will be making contact with Punta de Mita area residents for its annual PLEDGE FOR PEACE fundraising campaign with its purpose to fund operations and continue growing the reserve fund. The 2017 financial objective is USD470,000, of which $370,000 is to cover 2017 budgeted operating costs of 6.8 million pesos [exchange 18.5] and $100,000 towards the reserve fund. To accomplish this objective, the Board plans to increase the number of homeowner donors from 66 last year to greater than 80 in 2017

Donors are asked to consider an annual pledge in one of the following donor categories:

Patron US$20,000 and plus
Benefactor US$15,000-$20,000
Companion US$10,000-$14,999
Member US$5,000-$9,999
Friend US$1,000-$4,999

Fundraising campaigns, a major cost of most non-profits, is not done by PEACE staff. PEACE does not do time-consuming and costly event fundraising. Instead, annual fundraising, referred to as ‘PLEDGE FOR PEACE’ Campaign, is done person-to-person exclusively by Board of Director members and Board Advisors with the support of Program Committee members, all volunteers.

Board Members: Mary Corroon, Mariette Woestemeyer, Bob Farquharson, Rob Ritchie, Roberto Santa Cruz, Peter Newton

Advisors to the Board: Chrissy Armstrong, Valerie Ewell, Margaret Isberg, Bob Colman, Bob Dahl, Stan Grad, John Gladish, Jay Precourt

Program Committee Members: Paty Vergara, Tania Ritchie, Sheilagh Langille, Dyan Pignatelli, Katherine Nidermaier

Tax Receipt Efficiency

USA: By donating to PEACE USA, a 501[3][c], not only do you receive a tax receipt, but also, 100% of your USD donation will get to PEACE Punta de Mita since PEACE Board Advisor, Valerie Ewell, voluntarily operates the 501[3][c] absorbing all operating costs.

Canada: CCSHF [Canadian Children Shelter of Hope Foundation], a Canadian registered charity, charges a small administration fee which results in 98% of the donor dollar [USD or CAD] reaching PEACE Punta de Mita.

Mexico: PEACE Punta de Mita A.C.[PPM] is a registered Mexican charity. Donations in Mexico, either in USD or MXN, are made directly to PPM.


On behalf of the Board of Directors, Advisors, Staff, and all beneficiaries, Peace thanks all donors and potential donors for considering this request.



2016 marked the fourth consecutive year to exceed the fundraising objective via the PLEDGE FOR PEACE Campaign. Campaign highlights are summarized as follows:

  • Donations exceeded US$450,000
  • Total PLEDGE Donors: 66
  • New PLEDGE donors: 15
  • Repeat PLEDGE donors: 51
  • Percent Seasonal Homeowners: 100%
  • Number of Donors  =/>US$ 15,000: 6
  • Number of Donors =/> US$ 10,000: 16
  • Number of Donors =/> US$ 5,000: 23
  • Number of Donors < US$5,000: 21

All of this wonderful homeowner support would not have been possible if PEACE didn’t have capable management and dedicated staff to deliver the quality social programs, principally in the education field for children and youths, to achieve meaningful long-term change in our local at-need villages.

Other Cash Donations in 2016 of US$28,000, in addition to the PLEDGE FOR PEACE Campaign were for tuition scholarships, furnishings/repairs, event fundraisers [Fun Runs, Flavors], etc


Thank You

On behalf of PEACE Punta de Mita Management, Staff, Board of Directors, Advisors, and Committee Members, PEACE sends its heartfelt thanks to all donors for their trust and meaningful contributions.

 2015 Pledge For Peace Campaign

Thanks to generosity of 56 Punta de Mita area homeowners, the now completed third annual 2015 Pledge for Peace Campaign exceeded its fundraising goal of US$450,000, achieving a total of US$523,000

—  All 56 Donors to the 2015 Pledge For Peace Campaign are seasonal homeowners of the Punta de Mita area

—  Eight new homeowner donors joined the Peace donor community, including an exceptional donation of $100,000 from Carol and John Moran

—  In response to Peace’s greatly expanded educational programs, an amazing 17 donors from the previous 2014 Pledge Campaign increased the value of their donation for 2015

—  Of the 53 donors in 2014, only 5 declined to participate in 2015 [1 Member, & 3 Friends and 1 ‘other’] having a value of <$10,000

—  The 56 donors are just for 2015 Pledge for Peace Campaign and does not include other important supporters of Peace for other fundraising activities such as fundraising events [Flavors, Fun Runs, etc.], Tuition Sponsorship, Kinder, or In-Kind donations.


                    Summary: Pledge For Peace Campaigns for 2013, 2014, and 2015

2013    USD/CAD 2014


2015 USD 2015 Number of Donors

$20,000 &+

20,000 140,000 250,000 8


45,000 3

$10,000 &+

135,000 143,000 100,000 10
Members $5,000 &+ 55,000 91,500 102,000 19

$1,000 &+

17,500 23,700 26,000 15
Supporter <$1,000 2,000 500 1
Totals 227,500 400,200 523,000 56

Exchange Rates: For 2013 and 2014, USD and CAD at par. For 2015, CAD  x.75, and MXN: 15