Board of Directors

                                  Ewell_C1002f57IN MEMORIAM

Charlie Ewell 1937 – 2014, Founding Donor

After a courageous battle with pancreatic cancer, in April 2014, PPM’s friend, Charlie Ewell, passed away at home in La Jolla, California. Charlie and his wife Valerie have been longtime supporters of the former PEACE and the current Peace Punta de Mita. Locally, in addition to playing a key role in the founding of PPM, Charlie headed the Pontoquito HOA, and founded Guys Lunch, a group of 50 homeowners/stakeholders in the Punta de Mita area.
Back in the USA, Charlie was formerly CEO of the Governance Institute, a research, education and publishing business for boards of directors and CEO´s. His not-for-profit experience covered various boards including symphonies, hospitals and The Hoover Institution at Stanford University.
Charlie’s kindness, generosity, and friendly demeanor, will be sorely missed by his many Punta de Mita friends.


Board of Directors



 Mary D. Corroon, Founding Donor, Board Secretary and Education Committee member & chair

Mary and Jim Corroon are owners at Hacienda de Mita since 2008. They reside part time in San Francisco, California. Mary has over 25 years of experience on both charitable and industry-based NGO Boards and executive Committees, including multiple periods in the position of President of the Board. Mary´s business experience has been focused on technology and organization management consulting for Fortune 500 and start-ups in the U.S. in the Punta de Mita area, Mary is a past President of the Vigilance Committee/Board of Hacienda de Mita, and has spent 5 years as a Board member.




 Bob Farquharson, Founding Donor, Board Treasurer and Management Committee member

Bob and Gail Farquharson have been Punta Mita homeowners in Lagos del Mar since 2005. They reside in Toronto, Ontario where Bob is Vice Chair of AGF Management Ltd, an investment management firm listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. His non-profit experience in the Toronto area includes: Chair emeritus, Royal Ontario Museum Board of Governors; Trustee of The University of Guelph, and he has served on boards for the Prostate Cancer Research Foundation and Tarragon Theatre. Bob is a member of the Board of Directors of the Fraser Institute, an independent non-partisan research and educational organization based in Vancouver, Canada.




 Peter Newton, Founding Donor, Board Chair and Management Committee member & chair

Peter and Claire Newton are Punta Mita property owners since 2002 in Ranchos Estates. Their home city is Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Peter is a retired CEO and Founder of Champion Photochemistry, a private internationally positioned specialty chemical company. In the Toronto area, his non-profit experience includes having served on a private school board, lake association board, Sleeping Children Around the World advisory board and Leacock Foundation board. In Punta de Mita area he is past president of Ranchos HOA, past chair of the Club Mita Operating Committee, and project leader of the Punta de Mita Foundation Sports Center project. In addition to his PPM activity, Peter is one of the organizers of Charlie’s Lunch, a group of 50 Punta de Mita area homeowner/stakeholders who meet regularly for camaraderie and sharing local insight.



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Rob Ritchie, Board of Directors

Rob and Tania Ritchie have been home owners in Hacienda de Mita since 2008. Residing in Calgary Alberta , Rob was President  and CEO of Canadian a Pacific Railway from1996 to 2006 when he retired from the company . He presently serves on a public traded board involved in the railcar leasing industry and on the board of a private company involved in the ski resort business .

In the not for profit sector Rob was the Chairman of the United Way Campaign of Calgary , and has served on the Boards of McGill University , the Montreal General Hospital , and the Max Bell Foundation .In Punta Mita he is the President of the Vigilance Committee of Hacienda de Mita and on the PPM Heath & Lifestyle Committee.



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Roberto Santa Cruz, Board of Directors, Community Pride Committee Member, Management Committee Member

Roberto and Patricia are Punta Mita Property owners since 2007 in Hacienda de Mita. Their home is in Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico. Roberto is semi-retired and is CEO of two companies, which he founded: American HealthCare Products S.A. de C.V. and MultiServicios Camioneros S.A. de C.V. (Bridgestone/Bandag Distributors). Roberto has served on the Board of The American School, and Club de Golf Santa Anita, both in Guadalajara. He is a member of YPO/WPO, and founder of the YPO Chapter in Guadalajara. In the Punta Mita area he was one of the founders of The Punta Mita Foundation. He has participated in the Vigilance Committee of Hacienda de Mita, and was past President.

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Mariette Woestemeyer, Board of Directors

Mariette M. Woestemeyer co-founded, along with her husband Ron in 1985, Pros Holdings, Inc., a $1.1 billion market cap company listed on NYSE, and has since served as a director. Mariette held executive level positions with PROS from 1985 until 1999. She provided leadership in strategic planning, operational budgeting and planning, product development, finance, legal, human resources and marketing. Mrs. Woestemeyer was the Chief Financial Officer of Metro Networks, a broadcasting company, from 1983 to 1985 and held various financial roles at other companies prior to 1983. Mariette and Ron constructed their Casa Koi, located on the north shore beach of Pontoque, in 2008 and also retain a condo in Punta Mita at Hacienda de Mita.


Advisors to the Board



John Gladish, Advisor to Board

John and Nina have lived in Marin County north of San Francisco for the last 40 years during which time they raised four boys and their blood pressure. Presently they are home owners in Punta Mita and Litibu where they have been active in community affairs since 2007. Formerly a Board Member in 2015 and 2016, John takes a keen interest in the Higuera Blanca area of Punta de Mita.





Jay Precourt photo by Zach Mahone (2)

Jay Precourt, Founding Donor, Advisor to Board of Directors

Jay and Molly Precourt are homeowners since 2001, in Punta Mita’s Signature Estates. They reside in Vail, Colorado. Jay has spent his entire career in the energy industry, earlier holding president and/or CEO positions at Hamilton Oil Company and Tejas Gas Corporation. His not-for-profit experience includes being Vice-Chairman at the Precourt Institute for Energy at Stanford University; President at Eagle Valley Land Trust; Vail Valley Medical Center Health Services; Denver Art Museum Foundation; Denver Children´s Hospital, President at Historic Denver and Alley Theater, Houston.




Bob Dahl

Bob Dahl, Advisor to the Board

Bob and Pat Dahl live for the majority of each year at their hacienda in Punta del Burro. They also have residences in Orinda, CA and in Truckee, CA where they visit during the summer months. They are also owners of a unit at Hacienda de Mita.
Bob is a retired communications technology executive, having spent most of his career working with various communications equipment companies located primarily in Silicon Valley, Northern California.
Bob and Pat are also Trustees for the Robert and Patricia Dahl Family Foundation, a charitable organization that they formed when Bob retired in 1997, The Family Foundation focuses its charitable giving activities primarily on humane treatment for animals, cancer research, and care and assistance for underprivileged families. They are active supporters for Peace Punta de Mita, Fundacion Punta de Mita, the Harkness institute and Pasitos de Luz here in the Vallarta area.



Stan Grad, Advisor to the Board

Stan and Jane Grad are homeowners at La Punta Estates, having moved from Hacienda de Mita where they owned when first coming here to Punta Mita in 2010. They reside in Airdrie, Alberta where Stan was Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Grad & Walker Energy Corporation, an oil and gas exploration and production company, formerly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange.  He currently serves as a Director on the board of a number of other energy companies. Stan is the owner of Soderglen Ranches Ltd., which is recognized as the largest seed-stock cattle operation in Canada. Stan’s not for profit experience includes: founding member of the Calgary Stampede Foundation, as a member of the Board of Governors of Mount Royal College, as a director and chairman of the Alberta Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society (STARS) for 14 years, as a Co-Chairman of STARS Canada Society.

For the first 2 years of PPM’s existence, Stan acted as a PPM Board Member; and has been the driving force and leader of the Punta Mita Golden Hour Project.


valerieValerie Ewell, Founding Donor and Advisor to the Board

Valerie and her late husband, Charlie, have had a home on the beach in the Pontoquito development of Punta de Mita since 2007.  She also owns a condominium in Punta Mita’s Hacienda de Mita.  She lives full time in La Jolla, California.  Valerie is a veterinarian and former owner of La Jolla Veterinary Hospital.  She is also a Certified Financial Planner.  Currently, she serves as a board member of the Moores Cancer Center in La Jolla and as the secretary/treasurer of PEACE USA.