Descúbrete [discover yourself in English] is a personal growth counseling program that seeks to enrich the lives of local women, youths and men, via a cohesive program focused on self-discovery, self-reliance and empowerment. The aim is to help them gain insight into what is driving them, their motivations, their skills and abilities, strengths and weaknesses, and the patterns of behavior that keep them from achieving their potential. By understanding themselves, they find out what they really want, what is preventing them from having it, and how to overcome obstacles. This powerful program has been implemented around the world with much success. The initial 2014 workshops -mainly focused on women’s empowerment- were so successful that attendance in the following year 2015 was expanded to include youths aged 13 to 19 and later, to adult men. For each Descúbrete session a group of trained and experienced counselors and psychologists from Guadalajara facilitate the workshops.

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