Campeones Program

Campeones is an after-school program, created for the sole purpose of further developing abilities, aptitudes and skills in high performance students in local public middle schools. Of which well not only help them excel academically but nourish their sense of responsible social commitment. Throughout the 3-year time period, students will work on developing the following skills:

  • Collaboration and leadership
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Lifelong Learning, self-direction and personal management
  • Communication
  • Social responsibility, Cultural, global and environmental awareness (21st century skills)

These will aid students on the development of various community projects, involving social responsibility, entrepreneurship, amongst others. Volunteers from all over the globe, specialist and professionals have stopped by and shared their personal life experiences on how they have achieved academic, and professional success. Once students have completed their time period in the program, they will undergo a rigorous selection process that will determine who is best suited to receive a scholarship for prestigious colleges.